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Land Services provider with decades of experience

America's Land Services Provider

Our commitment is to earnestly, effectively and efficiently staff, start-up and manage Client projects on time and under budget.

Right-of-Way Personnel

We act as an advocate for our clients to reach fair and equitable settlements with property owners, lease and interest holders

Project Management

To truly create a satisfactory transaction for our clients, we expect and require open communication with our managers and our clients.

Land Management

When it comes to E and P land management, you need service that meets your standards, your needs and your project time-line on the most complex cases.


GIS support is provided, so that the project team is informed on changes made, progress on important milestones, and other critical details of a project.


With today’s technology and available online resources, we can provide title, document, and data support remotely.

Liberty Core Consultants have served over 2,500 projects

We serve clients nationwide with an emphasis in the Midwest, Eastern and Southern states.

Welcome to Liberty Core Consultants

America's Land Services Provider

Here at Liberty Core Consultants we pride ourselves on the idea that we believe that progress in our nations energy infrastructure is truly self-giving. This industry works to provide our world with cleaner, environmentally, self-reliant energy resources to cook their food, heat their homes and drive to work. We take pride in this fact and congratulate and thank the landowners who participate and provide the necessary rights to develop the infrastructure to pursue this duty.